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Urban Hippie was originally founded by Casey Krebs in a small kitchen and now we’ve grown into a national granola business with retailers big and small such as Metro, Food Basics, Whole Foods, Sobeys, and Rainbow Foods.


As a company, we aim to be as sustainable as possible. All of our bags are made out of locally sourced, recycled paper products. Our printers, designers, artists and ingredients are sourced as local as possible.


Knowing in today’s world there are many different diet types as well as diet restrictions and allergies, we’ve designed our granolas and trail mixes so as many people can enjoy them as possible. This is why we made a conscious choice to eliminate ingredients you might normally see in other name brand granolas. Our dried fruit is sulphite free, and our product has no chemicals or artificial colours and flavours.


It’s our mission to improve our Earth’s ecosystem in whichever way we can while providing a high-quality, healthy product to you. We’re also certified by the ‘Whole Grains Council’ and the ‘NON-GMO Project’ so you can be sure our products are the best we can offer!


Our team at Urban Hippie constantly strives to improve the way we craft our products we’re always brainstorming to find new and better ways to satisfy our customers.


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I was first introduced to an organic, clean eating lifestyle one summer while my husband and I spent many weekends staying with close friends. They were wonderful hosts who took us sailing, planned outdoor adventures and cooked amazing organic meals for us to savour. It was my experiences that summer that carried me forward to a path of clean, healthy eating.  At the end of that summer, I came away feeling renewed and inspired. Remembering vividly the bowls of freshly made trail mix and other wholesome snacks set out on their countertop for anyone to enjoy.  


I continued my love of nutritious food and came up with my own line of healthy and heartful granola which now fuels those wonderful summer memories long ago. I treat my business as I do my personal life. I choose local, organic, fair trade, and responsibly sourced ingredients and brighten my flavors with a little extra boost of sunshine and love. So to start your day off right, enjoy your morning granola made especially for you.

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