About Us

Casey Krebs, owner of Urban Hippie Granola, just wanted to take her love of good, clean, natural food to local farmers’ markets as a little side business on weekends. Turns out, the demand for such food resulted in this “side project” becoming extremely successful. What was once just a fun weekend venture soon saw Urban Hippie turn into a sought after brand available throughout the city. As popularity gained, retail stores requested products to fill their shelves and most recently, an online store was created to make the product even more accessible. Urban Hippie Granola can now be found at supermarkets across Canada, on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com and more places where granola and tasty snacks are sold. No matter how much we grow, one thing stays the same; Urban Hippie Granola is made with love, from us to you.

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I was first introduced to an organic, clean eating lifestyle one summer while my husband and I spent many weekends staying with close friends. They were wonderful hosts who took us sailing, planned outdoor adventures and cooked amazing organic meals for us to savor. It was my nutritious food experiences that summer that carried me forward to a path of clean, healthy eating.  At the end of that summer, I came away feeling renewed and inspired. Remembering vividly the bowls of freshly made granolas, trail mix and other wholesome snacks set out on their countertop for anyone to enjoy.

I continued my love of nutritious food and came up with my own line of healthy and heartful granola which now fuels those wonderful summer memories long ago. I treat my business as I do my personal life. I choose local, organic, fair trade, and responsibly sourced ingredients and brighten my flavors with a little extra boost of sunshine and love. So to start your day off right, enjoy your morning granola made especially for you.