Feel Great With BE Greater Organics!

Urban Hippie BE Greater Organics

 BE Greater Organics, Is A Store With A Mission. 

Located at 1556 Lasalle Blvd. the local Sudbury health and grocery store takes pride in catering to clients with specific diets and diet restrictions. BE Greater Organics is well aware of the challenges one might face and is pleased to offer you with suggestions that will accommodate your dietary needs. For you, granola lovers looking for low sugar and/or vegan options keep an eye out for the ever-growing popular Urban Hippie! Our artisanal flavours Cranberry Pumpkin Seed, Maca Matcha Superfood, Vanilla Cinnamon Flax Seed, No Sugar but You So Sweet, Vivacious Vegan and snack packs of Trail Mix will soon be lining the shelves at BE Greater Organics!

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