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Urban Hippie Soon To Be On The Shelves Of Dandelion Foods!

Hey, health foodies! Have checked out this worker-owned co-op? If you're a local in Almonte, ON. you may have already visited Dandelion Foods. Dandelion Foods is a worker-owned co-operative which is operated by its employees. The team at Dandelion Foods aims to provide the community in Almonte with fresh local produce as well as organic products from local producers and makers!

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Urban Hippie Granola Available In Kemptville!

Nature's Way Select Foods Now Selling Urban Hippie! Our granola will now be available at Nature's Way Select Foods! Kemptville locals will now be able to pick up a bag of Urban Hippie's delicious handcrafted granola at Nature's Way located at 2676 County Rd 43, Kemptville, ON. While visiting Nature's Way be sure to check out all the other fabulous natural/eco products they always have in stock!  

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Have Your Cake And Eat It Too!!

 Welcoming C'est Tout Bakery To The U.H. Family! Introducing one of our latest retailers, located in Smith Falls, C'est Tout Bakery!! Besides the beautiful mouthwatering baked goods and pastries that are created by Amy C'est Tout is now stocking their shelves with Urban Hippie granola!! If you're a local or passing through for Sunday drive drop in to say hi to Amy and pick up some of her delicious baked goods a parfait topped with Urban Hippie Granola and a cup of coffee!!        

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