Urban Hippie Soon To Be On The Shelves Of Dandelion Foods!

Urban Hippie Granola Dandelion Foods

Hey, health foodies! Have checked out this worker-owned co-op?

If you're a local in Almonte, ON. you may have already visited Dandelion Foods. Dandelion Foods is a worker-owned co-operative which is operated by its employees. The team at Dandelion Foods aims to provide the community in Almonte with fresh local produce as well as organic products from local producers and makers! Dandelion Foods will soon be making these Urban Hippie Granolas and Trail Mix flavours available for you to purchase! 'Trail Mix', 'Cranberry Pumpkin Seed', 'Maca Matcha Superfood' and 'Vanilla Cinnamon Flax Seed'.

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