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Fudgy Maple Flourless Chocolate Black Bean Brownies

Wow, I've been missing out.  When I first heard of black bean brownies I thought 'now we're taking this health thing a little too far.'  What nut job decided to throw beans in his brownie mix in the first place.  'Hey I think these brownies would taste great with bunch of beans mixed in'.  A genius that's who.   I decided to give this a try as I had black beans in my cupboard just waiting to be added to some homemade nachos. The nachos never happened and now my three bean salad won't either but it's worth it. These brownies I skeptically made and therefore added in a ton of chocolate chips proved me wrong big time. In fact next...

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Seven Seed Slaw

This is the easiest recipe I have ever made.  It was given to me by the chef of the rolling stones! He was my cooking teacher if you can imagine that. I of course modified it to protect his original recipe but it's still so darn good.  All you do is roast the seeds in a dry pan until it's fragrant. Once it's fragrant I leave it on for a couple extra minutes because I'm a rebel. Just make sure to continue to toss them so they don't burn and watch out for "popping" seeds. You don't want them to hit your skin. Those babies are HOT! You can use regular coleslaw or purple. I like purple because of the...

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