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10 Spice Soup With Cashew Cream

We eat a lot of vegetables in our home on a regular basis. In fact fruits and vegetables are probably 70% of our plates on most days.  The other week, I went way for  right after my husband bought a bunch of delicious groceries. Since I wasn't at home, that week turned into burrito week (all week long) because well, they're delicious.  So when I returned, I got to have fun with all of these veggies that were still there waiting for me.  Disclaimer * I made him sound useless. He's totally not AND he makes me fresh juice all the time which we all know is a pain. 10 Spice Vegetable Soup with Cashew Cream Ingredients 3/4 cup raw cashews,...

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Autumn Apple Tart

I am obsessed with fall and even more obsessed with country roads, nature trails, farm stores and picking my own fruit. I looooove the outdoors and the feeling of being in the moment, alive, and free.  All while eating fresh picked fruit  and spending time with those I love.  This year I took my new rescue husky 'Bandit' and he loved it as

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Seven Seed Slaw

This is the easiest recipe I have ever made.  It was given to me by the chef of the rolling stones! He was my cooking teacher if you can imagine that. I of course modified it to protect his original recipe but it's still so darn good.  All you do is roast the seeds in a dry pan until it's fragrant. Once it's fragrant I leave it on for a couple extra minutes because I'm a rebel. Just make sure to continue to toss them so they don't burn and watch out for "popping" seeds. You don't want them to hit your skin. Those babies are HOT! You can use regular coleslaw or purple. I like purple because of the...

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Chana Masala with Toasted Cumin

I took the day off today to relax so obviously I went straight to the kitchen.  Obvi. Since I have very little groceries as I'm aiming to clean out my pantry, I whipped up this pretty little dish and was met with a "yummy" in return. If I had any greens like spinach or kale, I"d ad them to the pot as well -right at the end for a few minutes to wilt. Ingredients 1 tablespoon of olive oil 1 1/2 teaspoons cumin seeds

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