Granola-cereal-urban hippie-Homemade cheese-recipe

Homemade cheese

Have you ever wondered how to make your own homemade cheese? Well today is your lucky day! With only three ingredients, this DIY cheese recipe is so easy and delicious it will make you wonder

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Granola-cereal-urban hippie-oatmeal pancakes-recipe

Oatmeal Pancakes

After catching up on some Netflix shows, I happened to realize how often the main character starts off their day with pancakes. Picture it, it’s

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Granola-cereal-urban hippie-green goddess salad-recipe

Green Goddess Salad

I was feeling a little off-centered today so I did what I normally do when I need to re-center. I played in my garden and made some great new recipes and food in the kitchen.  I decided to try a new recipe from Gwyneth Paltro’s  site.  I was blown away by how delicious her dressing was.  This is what I paired it with. Enjoy and please leave me feedback. 

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Granola-cereal-urban hippie-peanut sauce-recipe

Peanut Sauce

Cooking from scratch takes a lot of time but it’s time well spent when you a) love it b) want to keep chemicals and preservatives

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