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At the turn of this century, I had a summer love. However throughout that summer, he endured an intense physical training camp in a remote northern town several hours away from home. With only weekends off, I'd borrow my parent's car and drive those long and lonely miles to visit him. Time spent bonding was really time spent bandaging him up for the following week. Our weekend oasis was Meg's house (his brother's girlfriend's family home) who lived nearby and was kind enough to give us a place to stay during those weekends. Offering warm clean sheets and soft carpeted floors, Meg was also kind enough to board his very sweet yet newish girlfriend (me) whom she'd never even met! I have that *ahem*...affect. We absolutely loved staying at this family's home. Meg, and her husband were wonderful hosts who took us sailing, planned outdoor adventures and cooked amazing organic meals for us to savor (this was new and way before the movement was popular). It was my experiences here that lifted and carried me forward to a path of clean, healthy and delicious lifestyle choices. I can remember vividly the bowls of trail mix and granola that were staples on her immaculate kitchen counter; so if any of the kids got hungry, we'd always have access to a quick and wholesome snack. From there, I continued my love of nutritious food and came up with my own line of healthy and heartful granola which now fuel those wonderful summer memories long ago. I treat my business as I do my personal life. I choose local, organic, fair trade, and responsibly sourced ingredients and brighten my flavors with a little extra boost of sunshine and love. So to start your day off right, enjoy your morning granola made especially for you. Oh, and that boy I fell for during that summer years ago? I married him.



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