No Sugar But You So Sweet Granola: 12 Bag Pack


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This granola cereal has no added sugar! Only 1 gram of natural sugar per 45 grams. We have had many requests for granola that has no sugar – so we created this cereal! Now YOU can control the amount of sweetener you want in your granola cereal. Add your own honey, maple syrup, agave nectar or add some fresh fruit! We flavored this granola cereal with a hint of cinnamon, vanilla and sunflower seeds – enough flavor and tasty goodness that you won’t even know that there’s no added sugar! 

Egg-free, dairy-free, sulphite-free, soy-free, school-approved! Perfect for the office. Great for road trips, hiking, lunches or kid’s snacks.

Are you excited to try No Sugar But You So Sweet Granola, but aren’t usually a fan of snacking on granola on its own? Check out our YouTube channel to see how we incorporate our yummy granola flavors into our everyday cooking and baking. This flavor of granola is the best to add into your recipe when you want to do some baking that involves healthier substitutes. 

Product size:
– Single bags are 300g
– 12-packs come with four (4) 300g bags – a total of 3.6kg
– 4-packs come with four (4) 300g bags – a total of 1.2kg
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