4 Pack-Cranberry Pumpkin Seed


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4 Pack-Cranberry Pumpkin Seed

This 4 Pack-Cranberry Pumpkin Seed granola is the perfect crunch to your morning! Mix it up with a blend of cranberries and pumpkin seeds tossed into this delicious granola.

Enjoy the burst of cranberry flavour mixed with crisply roasted pumpkin seeds for the perfect breakfast cereal or snack. This granola blends together the flavours of brown sugar, Canadian honey, sprinkled sea salt, and organic dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds. With natural ingredients like these, you’ll be able to fully relish in this healthy granola!

Here at Urban Hippie, we love to experiment in the kitchen and use our handcrafted granola to make delicious snacks and meals for all of our granola lovers! As a result, we’ve added the cranberry pumpkin seed granola into many of our posted recipes including our easy overnight oats recipe. We also recommend you check out our Coconut Lime Energy Granola Balls. They work as a great snack in between meals!

I love to sprinkle this on top of my morning smoothie bowl or yogurt to add a little bit of crunch and protein to my breakfast. Just like nature intended!

This 4 pack will allow you to fully experiment with the Cranberry Pumpkin Seed Granola. Whether you want to use it as a topping or mix it into your favourite recipe, this healthy granola will be available. Our packaging also works perfectly for gift-giving, allowing you to share a healthy lifestyle with others!

The 4 Pack-Cranberry Pumpkin Seed granola is nut-free, egg-free, dairy-free, sulfite-free, soy-free, high in fibre, and school-approved!

The pumpkin seeds provide a great protein source for your daily energy. This makes it the perfect pre/post-workout snack or meal. It’s great for road trips, hiking, or just to use as a healthy bite while you’re on the move!

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