Premium Whole Flax Seeds

Premium Whole Flax Seeds

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Want to sprinkle some health on that? Try our premium whole flax seeds to add nutrients to every meal!


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Premium Whole Flax Seeds

Product Size: 1lb bag

Want to sprinkle some health on that? Try our premium whole flax seeds to add nutrients to every meal!

Flax seeds are a perfect addition to so many recipes because of their many health benefits and versatility. These small brown seeds are packed with nutrients, omega 3 fats, and fiber, helping you maintain a balanced diet. Just sprinkle them into a salad, a baking recipe, oatmeal, or even on your morning toast. They belong everywhere and anywhere, and are a beneficial part of a great meal. Experiment with different recipes, and enjoy these incredible seeds!

My favourite way to put these seeds to work is to sprinkle them on my smoothie bowls, and add them into homemade baked goods! I find that they work well alongside other small seeds, adding a great consistency to meals. You can find other healthy seeds like pumpkin and sunflower to use with flax under our product section!

What else does Urban Hippie offer?

Our company loves to use these premium whole flax seeds in so many of our recipes. Because of their amazing simple taste and texture, it’s really so easy to add them to anything. Check out our morning smoothie recipe where we add in healthy seeds and nuts to make a delicious breakfast drink!

These seeds also work well with our selection of handcrafted granolas. We recommend sprinkling some flax on top of our Simply Sweet Granola, making for a very healthy snack or meal. We also offer a flax seed focused granola called Vanilla and Cinnamon Flaxseed if you’re looking for a premixed blend!

Flax seeds are an excellent beginning to a healthy lifestyle because of all the benefits it offers. It’s so easy to use and add to any dish, which makes it a great addition to everyone’s kitchen! Enjoy your healthy living!


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