Raw Shelled Sunflower Seeds


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Raw Shelled Sunflower Seeds

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Ready to add something new to your salad? I love the crunch of raw shelled sunflower seeds to give extra texture to my food.

Sunflower seeds can be a wonderful addition to your diet. These small seeds are packed with nutrients, and act as a great source of vitamin E. They are so easy to add into different meals like salads, baked goods, and just to snack on! For example, try sprinkling some in your granola, or on your morning nut butter toast. They provide a great crunch and a wonderful taste to keep you healthy!

Here at Urban Hippie, we love to add these healthy seeds into all kinds of recipes and granolas! Make sure to check out some recipes that include these raw shelled sunflower seeds like our Vegan Granola Cookies or our Seedy Crackers and enjoy making them at home. These creative recipes and techniques can help you to get excited about baking and makes it easy to start using some new healthy ingredients!

What else does Urban Hippie Offer?

Our company offers many different types of seeds to help maintain your daily healthy living. In addition, we encourage you to enjoy our many kinds of granola like the Maca Match Superfood Granola that can act as a perfect pair to the sunflower seeds for a healthy breakfast. Urban Hippie likes to help others stay motivated with simple and delicious recipes that maintain a vegan or gluten-free lifestyle.

Sunflower seeds are a great topping for salads, easy to add into baking recipes, and make for a perfect healthy snack between meals! We understand that changing and experimenting with recipes can be daunting at first. However, sprinkling healthy seeds into everyday meals can be an amazing first step into a nutritious life.

To purchase Maca Matcha Superfood Granola to enjoy at home along with your sunflower seeds click here.

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