Trail Mix Granola

Trail MixTrail Mix

Trail Mix Granola

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Our trail mix granola includes a blend of dried cranberries and raisins, perfectly complementing its high-energy foods like pumpkin seeds and coconut!


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Need some pep before or during your hike? Urban Hippie’s Trail Mix granola to the rescue! Our blend of dried fruits such as cranberries and raisins perfectly complements the tasty, high-energy foods that we love such as pumpkin seeds and coconut. Toss this mix in your backpack, take it with you on the trail, and enjoy a delicious handful (or two!) while enjoying the view. A healthy, hearty trail mix is perfect to snack on just about anywhere, anytime!

Looking for even more tasteful granola mixtures that are packed full of superfoods to add into your daily routine? Look no further! Try our Maca Matcha Superfood granola, with maca root and matcha green tea!

Are you excited to try our Trail Mix granola but aren’t usually a fan of snacking on granola on its own? Check out our YouTube channel to see how we incorporate our yummy granola flavors into our everyday cooking and baking.

All natural, egg-free, dairy-free, sulfite-free, soy-free! Perfect for office lunches, hiking, long car rides, and kid’s snacks.

Product size:
– Single bags are 200g
– 4-packs come with four (4) 200g bags – a total of 800g
– 12-packs come with twelve (12) 200g bags – a total of 2.4kg


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